Referral Earning £20

Give us favour, Refer this service to your friends & family members. We will give £20 reward for every person you refer. For example, If you refer just 15 people in a month, that’s £300 straight in your pocket. You can refer our Service on any social media i.e. Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter etc or to your friends in Office, Gym, Pub, Church, Masjid & Temple etc.


How does it works?


1. Explain to your friends and family members, how this Service works to make FREE international calls.

2. Send us a message via our contact page with their landline or mobile number that they will use to call the above 0870 number. We need this to calculate their minutes.

3. Once your referral reaches 1000 minutes, you will be paid £20 on 1st of following month via Amazon Gift card,. (Please allow 2 working days for payment/voucher to reach your account). 

4. There is absolutely no limit on how many people you can refer.

5. Make sure they can call 0870 numbers for free from their landline or mobile Service provider.

Please send us a message via our contact page or email to if you have any queries.


We recommend that you check your call provider’s call plan terms before making a call.